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Managed Services Provider

uwannawat IT are the trusted name in the IT industry. With a focus on creating highly effective, affordable solutions to businesses and organisations, we have earned a reputation as a leading Managed Services Provider.

Whether you require customised IT solutions, remote ongoing support or new technology installed, you can rely on our experienced professionals to look after you.

Industries We Service

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  • retail


  • insurance

    Insurance Brokers

  • finance

    Finance Brokers

  • logistics


  • manufacturing


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  • legal_fimls

    Legal Films

Person using black laptop computer

Deep Instinct – an industry-leading next-generation antivirus software

With the increase in people working remotely, it is vital to protect your computer from viruses and increasing ransomware threats. At Unwannawat IT, we ...

Ransomware attacks are increasing the demand for MSP security

Investing in Managed Service Provider (MSP) security has never been so important. Between July 2020 and July 2021, more than one-third of all organisations ...
Risk Reduction Discussion

Why your business needs a disaster recovery strategy

Many business owners think only about power outages and other natural disasters, but disasters can also be caused by security breaches like ransomware, a ...

Cyber attacks: how antivirus software G DATA can help protect your business

Cybercriminals are becoming more aggressive, more targeted and smarter.With cyber attacks on the rise, businesses need to be more prepared and more vigilant than ...
Secured electronic devices

Top technology trends to watch for

Faster networking technologies, such as 5G, are allowing computing systems to accelerate the creation or support of real-time applications, such as video processing and ...

Hardware Problems

The purpose of a PC is to help you work more efficiently but since computers are not meant to last forever, technical problems can ...

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