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Hardware Problems

The purpose of a PC is to help you work more efficiently but since computers are not meant to last forever, technical problems can arise.

Major hardware issues such as keyboard problems, mouse problems, power cord problems and motherboard problems are challenging and are best left to our experts at uwannawat IT. We’ll fix them.

But there are many problems you can overcome, starting with the following issues:


There are many reasons why your computer may be running slow; by troubleshooting the situation, a solution can be found. Have you considered;

  • Rebooting or restarting your computer if you haven’t done so in a while.
  • Removing all background programs slowing your computer down.
  • Deleting temporary and unnecessary files.
  • Freeing the hard drive space to prevent a sluggish computer.
  • Running some scans to make sure that there is nothing corrupted or wrong with your hard drive.
  • Scanning for viruses and malware.
  • Updating Windows.
  • Increasing the speed of the hardware.


There are many potential reasons which could stop your PC from starting. Here’s a list;

  • Check if the power cord is properly connected.
  • Check for a faulty power strip.
  • Defective third-party software, bad power cable, power supply button, incorrect power supply.
  • Dead battery.


Don’t you hate it when you’re writing an important document or in a Zoom meeting when your computer suddenly shuts down? Without any previous warning about battery levels or automatic updates, you could lose work and it can make you look unprofessional. Here’s what to look out for;

  • Failing hardware.
  • Severe problems with the operating system.
  • An infectious virus.
  • A significant problem with UPS or surge protector.


Your computer and wi-fi should work in perfect harmony but you know that’s not always the case. Before you get mad, check these areas;

  • Make sure the wi-fi is turned on.
  • Make sure the wireless connection is enabled.
  • The SSID and security key are correct.
  • You may need to reset the modem and router.
  • Check if the firewalls are disabled.
  • Restore Windows.

If your problems are more serious, don’t worry our expert team at uwannawat IT Mornington, will be happy to take a look at your computer and repair it. We’ll soon have it working good as new or if it’s beyond repair, we can recommend the best option for your needs.   Call our helpful staff on 1300 UWANNA, to arrange a no obligation consultation.

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